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Could your business help young people unlock their potential?

Work experience

Offering work experience can help your business:

  • Boost its reputation in the community
  • Build relationships with local schools and colleges
  • Find promising employees and develop the workforce of the future

Before starting work experience, all LifeSkills students need to spend around six hours developing their people, work and money skills in class or online – and are handpicked by their teacher to match any placements your business offers. Which means you get interested, enthusiastic young students full of fresh ideas.

Posting placements through LifeSkills is simple. Sign up to find out more and start offering placements today.


Apprenticeships can help your business:

  • Gain an eager employee with the right skills
  • Boost its reputation in the community
  • Improve staff retention and productivity

An apprenticeship is a real job with pay and training for a relevant qualification included. They’re open to anyone 16 or over and can last between one and four years, depending on the skill level required – Intermediate, Advanced or Higher.

Most training is done on the job, but many placements also include time at a local college or training provider. The apprentice minimum hourly wage is £3.50, but many are paid more and LifeSkills supports paying the living wage of £7.45 (or £8.55 in London). Government training grants and wage incentives may be available depending on the age of your apprentice and the size of your business.

If you’re interested in offering an apprenticeship email connectwithwork@barclays.com


Investing time and effort in a traineeship can help your business:

  • Benefit from young talent, ready for your workplace
  • Support the local economy
  • Boost its reputation in the community

Traineeships prepare unemployed 16–24-year-olds to become ‘work ready’. They’re unpaid and include training, literacy and numeracy support (if required), and 100–240 hours spent in the workplace. Trainees are still eligible to receive state benefits, so can continue to receive an income during their traineeship.

A LifeSkills traineeship lasts at least seven weeks. Trainees spend five weeks preparing for work before coming to your business for at least 100 hours of on-the-job experience.

If you’re interested in offering an apprenticeship email connectwithwork@barclays.com