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How do I get work experience through the LifeSkills programme?

If you’re 14–19, your teacher can arrange LifeSkills work experience for you. You’ll need to earn 250 points on our website or be taught LifeSkills in class before they can request a placement. Over 19? Find out about Barclays apprenticeships and other ways to join Barclays on our website.

Can I (or my parents) arrange work experience without a teacher?

We’re afraid not. LifeSkills work experience can only be arranged by a teacher for students aged 14–19.

What are LifeSkills points and how can I use them to get a job?

By signing up to LifeSkills online you’ll earn points for visiting pages, using tools or watching videos. At 250 points, you’ll unlock milestones to help you track your LifeSkills progress. Show employers how hard you’re working to improve your skills by adding them to your CV or LinkedIn profile. Find out more

How do I edit or update the CV I created using the CV Builder tool?

Just head back to the CV Builder on our site. You can go through each section of your CV and make any changes you want. Remember to save each section as you go.

You can always download the latest version of your CV from the My Profile page.

What are volunteer-led lessons?

You can invite a volunteer from Barclays into your school institution to run a lesson. Our Barclays volunteers bring classes to life with interactive LifeSkills lessons featuring real-world examples. See the full list of available lessons.

How can I request Barclays volunteers?

Log in or sign up to LifeSkills. Then head to our volunteer section and fill in the online request form. Not sure which lessons you want? Browse all available lessons or just let us know when you submit your request and we’ll be in touch to confirm details.

How do I organise LifeSkills work experience for my students?

When a student has earned 250 points online or been taught LifeSkills in class, log in or sign up to access our work experience search. Once you find a placement and choose the dates you want, we’ll give you contact details for your chosen business. You’ll need to arrange the details with them before confirming the placement (and the student taking it) online.

What do I do if I can’t get hold of my contact for the work experience placement I reserved?

Firstly, we’re sorry you’re having problems. If this happens, please get in touch and send us the contact’s name, email address and postcode.

How do I get work experience logs for my students?

A selection of teacher resources is available to download or order from our resource page when you sign up or log in to LifeSkills. Printed copies should arrive within 10–15 working days of your request.

What support can LifeSkills provide for our careers fair?

You can order up to 250 LifeSkills leaflets for your careers fair here and these will arrive within 10 – 15 working days. Unfortunately, we don’t organise careers fairs attendance through LifeSkills, but we suggest contacting your local Barclays branch to ask if anyone would be available to attend your event.

How can I get work experience for my child?

If your child is 14–19, their teacher can arrange LifeSkills work experience on their behalf. We’re afraid it’s not possible for placements to be organised by students or their parents.

How can my child get started with LifeSkills?

Get your child to sign up online. It’s completely free, and they’ll be able to begin preparing for the world of work right away with our smart CV Builder, Wheel of Strengths test and many more interactive tasks to help boost their employability skills.

How can I offer a work experience placement through LifeSkills?

You’ll need to sign up and log in. It’s completely free. Then you can post details of your placement online. Someone from our partner Capita will call you to take you through things from there.

How long should a work experience placement be?

A week seems to work best, but feel free to offer placements of anything from a day to two weeks.

How old are LifeSkills work experience candidates?

Our work experience is currently open to 14–19 year-olds who are represented by a school or other educational institution.

Can I interview LifeSkills work experience candidates before I offer a placement?

No. But all students will have been through the LifeSkills programme online and/or in class, so you can count on getting interested, enthusiastic young people bursting with fresh ideas. Teachers can find and reserve the placements online for their students. We’ll notify you once a teacher reserves your placement, and you can expect them to be in touch shortly to arrange dates and other details.