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I am at school and I want to develop my skills for work

Fine tune your talents, uncover new ones and put them into action.

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Know Your Skills

Make yourself aware of the skills you possess by looking at how you already use them to overcome life’s little challenges


How to get presentations right

There’s a right (and wrong) way to communicate complex info. How many skills do you have to craft top presentations?


Discover your personality type

Understanding different types of personalities can help you know yourself and people you deal with every day.


Rate and improve your skills

Discover what you’re good at and find out which skills might need improving

Develop your skills and discover new ones_Thumbnails_2.png

Develop your skills and discover new ones

Learn how to find out the things you’re good at and turn them to your advantage when the time comes to look for work

Put your skills to the test_Thumbnails.png

Put your skills to the test

You’ve got the skills, now it’s time to put them in to practice, testing them in real-life scenarios

Discover the benefits of creative thinking_Thumbnails.png

Discover the benefits of creative thinking with Baroness Karren Brady

Creative thinking can solve a variety of challenges in many different situations – as these students found out.


Discover the value of people skills

Of all the skills you’ll collect in life, people skills may be your most valuable, helping you in and out of work.

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How to be more efficient

Can’t focus on revision? Never have enough time to finish projects? There’s a way to make the journey easier.


Making ideas happen

Get proactive and bring your ideas to life. You never know what opportunities could arise or what you might achieve


Negotiating or persuading?

Can you spot the difference between negotiation and persuasion? Test yourself in this conversation between friends


Put your everyday digital skills to work

How many of your online activities could be useful in a work environment? Click the ones you think might be helpful.


Putting enterprise skills in to practice

Do you think like an entrepreneur? Test yourself and find out if your approach to a school or college activity is similar


6 stages of problem solving

Check out this fun animation that explains the six simple steps to help you solve your problems and get on with things


The Workplace Challenge

Prove you can handle yourself and overcome challenges to learn new ways to cope with pressure in the workplace


Why you should consider learning how to code

Even if you don’t fancy a career in technology, understanding basic coding can seriously boost your career prospects.